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Road and Highway Construction

Road and Highway Works

Cycon Tech provides local authorities, government, contractors, architects, engineers and landscapers with the right materials, tools, and machinery to ensure that the country’s population is protected by high quality, well thought out infrastructure, that keeps them safe, and the country running smoothly and efficiently.

Cycon Tech provides quality that ensures reliability, safety and durability no matter the Project or Works.

Traffic Management

Traffic safety related products and equipment have a long tradition at Cycon Tech. During the last three decades many products and equipment were introduced in the market, which met the growing need for traffic safety.

Cycon Tech sells products and equipment with the aim to provide Ideas and Solutions so as to attain

“Traffic Safety at its best”

Traffic Management
Urban Furniture

Urban Furniture

We supply street furniture for more than 20 years.

We meet our customer’s needs, either from standard products as per catalogue or as per their required design for custom projects.

Civil Construction

Cycon Tech imports and distributes construction materials, products, tools, safety equipment and equipment in general.

It supports major contractors, builders, renovators and D.I.Y. shops with their needs and requirements.

With over thirty years of experience in the field, Cycon Tech provides unrivaled, second to none, service excellence and Technical Support.

Civil Construction
Industrial Construction


We serve the industrial community of Cyprus and beyond, and we are dedicated in providing, high quality, hard to find products and materials, in an effort to exceed our clients expectations.

Our first priority is customer service, which we believe is achieved by providing our clientswith quality products / materials, competitive prices and after sales service.

This remains unchanged from the day we started, almost 35 years ago.

Tools / Equipment / Machinery

As suppliers we have as our main goal, letting our clients to upgrade their efficiency by providing them with high quality tools, equipment and machinery.

By continuously looking for innovating, high quality equipment, we help our customers to have a decisive competitive advantage in their operations and works.

Tools Equipment Machinery
Services - Support


High standard of services offered by our company has ensured that Cycon Tech continues to be sought as a trusted partner, providing effective and innovating services in:

  • Procurement / Tenders
  • Commission Agency
  • Market Research / Surveys
  • Warehousing & Distribution Logistics
  • Outsourcing of Special / Technical and other Services
  • Audit of Projects

About Us

Cycon Tech was established in 1995 in Larnaca, Cyprus, where the company offices and warehouse are still situated.

Cycon Tech imports and distributes a wide range of products. The main focus of the company lays in the following product groups:

  • Construction Products
  • Road and Traffic safety products
  • Road and Highway Construction and Maintenance Products
  • Urban and Street Furniture
  • Corrosion Prevention and Sealing Technology Products
  • Chemicals
  • Health and Safety Products
  • Tools, Equipment and Machinery

In cooperation with our suppliers from the European Union and the Unites States of America, we strive to offer our customers innovative, high quality and environmentally sustainable products at the best possible prices.

Our team is dedicated in achieving the company’s goal, which is to offer these products and after sale support to ensure customer satisfaction and long term relationships with our customers.

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Cycon Tech Clients

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